Giving to UNC Charlotte

Since its founding, UNC Charlotte has created access and opportunities to new populations of students, who, in turn, helped build our city and region through their talent and leadership. Your investment in UNC Charlotte empowers deserving students and the future of our region.

For students, learning at UNC Charlotte does not occur just in the classroom. From clubs and organizations to internships and study-abroad opportunities, the student experience is important to creating life-changing educational opportunities. Your gift to UNC Charlotte transforms student experiences.

More than 1,000 faculty members provide an extensive pool of intellectual capital for our 27,900-plus students as well as modern enterprises in the greater Charlotte area and beyond. Your contribution to UNC Charlotte ensures students and organizations throughout our region have access to the world-class faculty.

From Big Data applications and data analytics that advance our financial, retail and commercial enterprises’ competitive strength to the Charlotte Teachers Institute, which is reinventing learning and success in our public schools, UNC Charlotte engages in a vast array of programs that provide educational opportunities for our students and transform our region. Your donation to UNC Charlotte makes these – and many other programs – meaningful and impactful.