Color Palette

UNC Charlotte’s primary brand color is Green PMS 349c. Darker and lighter variations on the official green are not replacement colors, but can be used in conjunction to provide greater flexibility when using brand elements.

In addition to the official green, the primary color palette also supports the use of Gold PMS 4515c, White and Black.

UNC Charlotte Primary Color palette

The official UNC Charlotte logos should only be reproduced using Green PMS 349c at 100%, white when placing it on a dark colored background, or black when producing a document where color is not an option.

Secondary color options allow for greater versatility across campus, a color palette complimentary to the primary color palette is identified. The colors should never be used without at least PMS 349 from the primary color palette. All colors should not be used in the same composition and should be used as supporting, accent colors. A general guideline for accent colors is that they should be used to call attention to specific information, not as a dominant element. In the whole of a design, they should incorporate no more than 5% of the overall color use.

Supporting color palette